Petro Ventures, Inc., Lafayette, LA – Walter Comeaux III, President. SAI has performed G&G for Main Pass 133 from 2001 to present and has generated and/or matured 30 drill prospects. PVI and/or its partners has drilled and completed 12 wells and increased production from 2 MMCFD to 20 MMCFD and 600 BOPD.

Chevron, Lafayette, LA – SAI provided as many as 6 geoscience consultants for Chevron Corporation in their Lafayette, LA exploration and production office.

Plains Exploration, Lafayette, LA – SAI provided a geoscientist to PXP’s staff in its start up phase for 3 years from 2003-2006 under the supervision of Jeff Hepperman. PXP is now a strong mid-sized independent.

Petsec, Lafayette, LA – SAI provided 3 geoscientists for Ross Keogh from 2000-2010 and generated over 10 drilling prospects.

Ocean Energy (Sold to Devon), Ben Sydboten was the initial geoscientist on a 3-D seismic workstation in 1994 for Flores and Rucks, the predecessor of Ocean Energy. Ben was instrumental in generating and marketing many of the early drilling prospects that catapulted Flores and Rucks into a well-known mid-size independent company.

Griffin Petroleum, Midland, TX – SAI generated 2 drill prospects for Griffin that were successful wells. Each well logged over 100 feet of pay. Griffin sold their production within 2 years for a lucrative profit.

Other Clients

Basin Exploration
Diversified Energy Investments
Frank Harrison
Henry Production
Kash Oil and Gas
Klutts Exploration
Medco Energi
PEAK Energ
Petro Quest
Quest Exploration
Vermillion Irrigation Company

Areas of 3-D Interpretation Expertise

SAI Geoconsulting staff has worked a wide variety of basins ranging from the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast onshore, Mississippi Salt Basin, Houston Salt Basin, North Louisiana Salt Basin, Black Warrior Basin, Eagleford Shale, Bakken Shale, Haynesville Shale, Anadarko Basin , Barnett Shale, Arkoma Basin, Fort Worth Basin, and Congo Basin. Below is a detailed list:

Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Brazos 475
East Cameron 46
East Cameron 64
East Cameron 38
Eugene Island 24
Eugene Island 97
Eugene Island 126
Eugene Island 128
Eugene Island 129
Eugene Island 135
Eugene Island 203
Eugene Island 241
Eugene Island 243
Eugene Island 245
Eugene Island 268
Eugene Island 297
Eugene Island 301/302
Eugene Island 386
Grand Isle 68
Main Pass 133 Field
Main Pass 313 Field
West Delta 27
West Delta 117
West Delta 119
Matagorda Island 670
Mustang Island A-31
Ship Shoal 47/64
Ship Shoal 129
Ship Shoal 169
Ship Shoal 252
South Marsh Island 80
South Marsh Island 111
South Pass 24
South Pass 27
South Pass 78
South Timbalier 21
South Timbalier 37/52
Tiger Shoal (SMI 212/217)
Vermilion 201
Vermilion 271
Vermilion 288
West Cameron 17
West Cameron 55
West Cameron 168
West Cameron 171
West Cameron 180
West Cameron 197
West Cameron 198

Onshore Louisiana

Allen Parish
Beauregard Parish
Calcasieu Parish
Cameron Parish
East Gueydan
East White Lake
Florence Field
Garden Island Bay, Plaquemine Parish
Gueydan Canal Field
Gueydan Field, Vermilion Parish
West Gueydan Field, Vermilion Parish
Lake Raccourci Field
Oakley Field
Port Barre Field
Romere Pass, Plaquemine Parish
Southeast Gueydan Field
South Perry Field
Terrebonne Parish
West Bay, Plaquemine Parish
Wright Field

Onshore US

Barnett Shale, TX
Eagleford Shale, TX
Bakken Shale, ND
Haynesville Shale, LA
Anadarko Basin, OK
Black Warrior Basin, AL
MS Salt Basin, MS
North LA Salt Basin, LA
Houston Salt Basin, TX


Cabinda, Africa
Guatemala, Central America